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To apply for a Georgian biometric passport, the applicant is required to visit the Consulate of Georgia in person to give biometrics (photo, fingerprints and signature).

The application for a biometric passport may be filed by the capable Georgian citizen of full age; in case of minors – by their parents.

The passport will be rendered within 45 days upon submitting the application.

The validity of biometric passports issued to persons having reached 18 years is 10 years.

Biometric passports issued to persons under 18 is valid for 3 years.

A list of documents to be submitted:

  • Georgian passport or ID
  • Two colored photos (passport size, 3.5X4.5)
  • Service fee: 130 USD

A list of documents to be submitted in case of the minor’s passport:

  • Georgian passport
  • Two colored photos (passport size - 3.5X4.5)
  • Service fee: 65 USD
  • Birth certificate;
  • In case of the minor under 16 – consent of both parents (consent may be expressed directly at the Consulate or may be drawn up as a notarial act).
  • Consent of one parent will suffice if:
The other parent is wanted under the Georgian Code of Criminal Procedures;

The other parent is dead, incapable or missing;The other parent is unable to express his/her will because of grave illness that is certified by a respective certificate;The minor has reached the age of 16;The minor is a child of the single parent.