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მისასალმებელი სიტყვა

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Georgia in the State of Israel.
Representing Georgia as Ambassador to the State of Israel is a profound honor, particularly at this moment of history. This is a difficult transition and Georgia stands beside Israel.
Friendship between Georgia and Israel counts 26 century and we wish to keep this history alive in both countries.
Georgia’s relations with Israel have grown ever warmer since the establishment of diplomatic relations on June 1, 1992. The cooperation between the two States is based on common values like reverence for democracy and individualism, protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity and mutual respect. 
The Israeli support was visible in 2008, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel published announcement regarding the Russian aggression toward Georgia: “Israel is following with great concern the developments in South Ossetia and Abkhazia and hopes the violence will end. Israel recognizes the territorial integrity of Georgia and calls for a peaceful solution”.
For Georgians Israel has been an attractive travel destination for a long time. It is important for Georgia to deepen relations with Israel in economy, trade, culture and other fields.
The Embassy of Georgia now continues to follow the political and military situation in Israel and in the region. As Ambassador of Georgia to Israel I am pleased to continue work that supports Israel and our excellent bilateral relationship. 
I would like to cooperate with the representatives of the Georgian diaspora in Israel and offer all possible support in order to make warm relations between Georgia and Georgians, with better opportunities for all people.
During this time we wish Israel a future of greater stability and security. 
I hope that this web-site will be interesting and useful for those interested in information about Georgia.
Thank you for visiting this web-site.

Yours Sincerely,
Zaza Kandelaki